Sunset Over The Big Apple

Sunday night I watched the sunset over one of my home cities here in the Northeast. I love that I live so close to so many amazing places. New York has to be my favorite though. I’ve been there countless times and there’s never a shortage of amazing things to keep me coming back. I got this gem after a short walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. Enjoy everybody!

Lower Manhattan Skyline

Someday I’ll get a wide angle lens. I dream of being able to shoot the whole city. This is going to do for now. I’ll be going back soon for a night shot of midtown!

Boston Strong

I know I’m late on the Boston Strong photos, but I was up at a Sox game a few weeks back and while going down Ipswich Street I caught this looking across the pike. First thing I did was go capture this. The two guys help, and I hope you all like it. The photo is dedicated to everyone affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.